Friday, February 13, 2009

Lots of Love, in Red

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Tomorrow is the big day! This is the same monoprint that was posted on Jan. 16th, only this time it is in red. Last Sunday the the magenta one, posted on 1/16, was shown in the local newspaper's "Arts and Entertainment" section to illustrate an announcement for the Valentine exhibit at the Lafayette Gallery. The exhibit is titled, "Objects of Affection". Please see the gallery website for more details. If you can, stop by before the exhibit closes on March 7th. In the meantime, have a wonderful February 14th, with the one you love!

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

This is beautiful and very creative - I wish I could do pieces like this - I really liked the magenta one, too. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Brian - I know you'll make it a special day!

Laurel Daniel said...

That is so cool that this was used to announce the exhibit!!! Congrats and Good luck with the show!

Paula Villanova said...

Your work is beautiful...especially those reds! I really like your take on the food subjects. They are uniquely yours, and while I know that is the point, it's not so easy to break out and achieve that distinction. Thanks for visiting my blog.