Friday, January 29, 2010

Painting with Laurel Daniel, at Laguna Gloria

Laguna Gloria is a beautiful historic estate, that is part of the Austin Museum of Art. This is where Laurel Daniel teaches her wonderful painting classes. As a part of our reunion, Debbi organized a two day still life painting workshop just for us! Thank you, Debbi! The first photo shows a glimpse of Laguna Gloria. What you can't see are the beautiful grounds, with a lagoon, and huge old oak trees, along with strolling peacocks. The next photo shows Laurel, demonstrating how to arrange the palette, and mix colors. The final photo shows our group in deep concentration, applying Laurel's ideas to our paintings. This was a fabulous workshop! Laurel is a great teacher! Thank you, Laurel!

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Greetings From Austin, Texas

Here are Amy and Debbi, our super wonderful Austin reunion organizers, and hosts! I am lucky enough to be participating in the official reunion of the Carol Marine workshop of Sept. 2008, in Santa Fe,NM, now taking place in Austin, TX. Debbi and Amy put together a fabulous 3 day get together, in their hometown of Austin , TX. This wonderful city is also happens to be the hometown of Carol Marine, and Laurel Daniel. Amy organized a perfect day spent touring galleries in Austin, including The Wally Workman Gallery, where Carol's work is shown, and The Davis Gallery, where Laurel Daniel's work is shown. This inspiring day was followed by a fantastic dinner for the 16 praticipants, at Debbi's beautiful Austin home. We were even lucky enough to have Carol , and Laurel, attend the dinner! Thank you to Debbi and Amy for a wonderful day and evening! More to come on the next terrific two days!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year

I am getting a slow start on the new year. It's been a tiny challenge to get back into the routine of things, after the frenzy of the holidays. Finally, I am able to paint again! I am so happy! This painting is on an eleven by fourteen sized stretched canvas. This was copied from the small six by eight painting, a few posts back. I had never done this before. I experienced more challenges, of a different kind, that I had expected. Definitely, it was more difficult. Now, I am happy to say that it is done. The painting was actually started before Christmas, but not finished until today. Closure is wonderful! Now, onward! A new year and new opportunities!
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