Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tiny and Huge, at Studio Gallery, SF

We are on the way to the Tiny and Huge, exhibit, at Studio Gallery, in San Francisco.  Exhibit opening, Nov. 11th!  Looking forward to seeing YOU, at the opening reception, November 13, 1 to 6!

The Karen Blixen House, Outside of Copenhagen

Karen Blixen, was a brilliant artist, and author, best known , for writing Out of Africa.  We visited her beautiful house, The Karen Blixen Museum, while in Copenhagen.  The endless property, originally her childhood home, includes, a large pond, huge old trees, and vast open, fields.  It is now, The Karen Blixen Museum, and bird sanctuary.  She donated this property, to be open, to the public, after her death. Her life story, is a fascinating adventure, made more real, by a visit to this beautiful museum, and sanctuary.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy to be Home Again, and Back to the Studio

Beautiful Copenhagen, The Louisiana Museum

In Copenhagen, our favorite day trip, was  to see the beautiful Louisiana Museum. This is a gorgeous museum, with huge lawns, facing the sea, with stunning architecture, and a great cafe!  We took the train, from the city center, and enjoyed the whole experience.

Exhibit, of Poul Gernes!  I love his quote, "I cannot do it alone-want to join in?  I also love his work!

Fantastic sculpture, all over the beautiful gounds. Alexander Calder, below, among others!