Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 50/50 Exhibit, at The Sanchez Art Center

Last Sunday, we stopped by the little town of Pacifica and visited the Sanchez Art Center. The art critic of the San Francisco Chronicle had written a really positive review of the 50/50 exhibit, now showing at this tiny community art center. The exhibit displayed work by 65 artists. Each artist completed one small piece of artwork everyday for 50 days. The exhibit was wonderful! It had to be. The Chronicle usually does not write about art events in small communities, outside of the city, unless they are outstanding, which this exhibit was. Here are 2 photos of work by one of my favorite artists in the exhibit, Karen Azar Rubin. As you can see, all 50 paintings were of apples, whole, or cut in different ways.

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Karen Bruson said...

Nancy, The exhibit looks great with the 50 paintings hung so perfectly together. It is so exciting to see the work of someone you admire.