Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

Today is the first day back, after a short trip to Las Vegas. While Brian was in meetings, I was on my own. First on my list of things to do, is to see what is showing in the local art exhibits. The Bellagio, has a wonderful art museum, with world class art! I had a chance to see, " Figuratively Speaking", showing various artist's work based on the human figure. Sadly, no photos were allowed. With security everywhere, there was also no hope of sneaking out the camera. The exhibit included works by some of my favorite artists, David Hockney, Picasso, and on and on. Meanwhile, the fresh flowers in the hotel lobby are always gorgeous, and photography is allowed!
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Delphyne said...

Gorgeous Lady Bug!!

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

You traveler, you! I love David Hockney and Picasso. Imagine it was wonderful - as are these pics of the flowers!