Thursday, June 10, 2010

Forever Young

Happy birthday to my fabulous, wonderful, and ever supportive husband! Tomorrow is Brian's birthday. Here he is, when he is the most happy, going for a long run. Best wishes to Brian, for a very happy birthday, with lots more running, and birthdays to come!
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Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Wow - what a cutie. He does look happy. Know you too will celebrate in style!

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Wow, what a cutie! And I know how nice he is too - so sweet to bring us all roses in Santa Fe! Know you will celebrate in style!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I opened this up and said "Hey! I know THAT guy!"

Happy, happy birthday, Brian! What are you, now? 39?

Delphyne said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Geminis!! Have a wonderful day and a year filled with lots of races to run!



Karen Bruson said...

You never see a smile on my face when I run.